NYC Vegetarian Food Festival Experience


On March 14th, I attended the 5th annual Vegetarian Food Festival in New York City. This was my first year going so I can’t compare it to previous years, but it was overflowing with amazing products, companies, and people! For those of you who aren’t familiar with VegFest, it’s a vegetarian and vegan festival that pops up in different cities!     { Full Post }

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Paris – beautiful city & delicious food


I was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks exploring Paris with my boyfriend and I loved every second of it. Paris is such a beautiful city with so much to offer – including incredible food. We had some simple cooking experiences, ate out a small cafes and nice sit-down dinners, and indulged in colorful, delicious macarons.      { Full Post }

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A Tasty Read


Have you ever started a book and immediately you’re swept away into its pages? It’s as if this is the book you’ve been looking for when you didn’t even know you were looking. And you’re so very invested in the story or the plot or the information provided that you can’t possibly put it down. I’m reading a really fantastic book. Only 60 pages in and I feel as though I know tons more about food and it’s nutritional capacity than ever before. { Full Post }

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