11402297_10205549728159988_2368634949393271606_oAbout Me:  Hi there! I’m Allie Pyper, welcome to my little nook in the web! I’m a 20-year-old food enthusiast currently pursuing a degree in nutrition and dietetics.

My passion for nutrition developed while I was running for my high school cross-country and track program. Seeing how simple changes in my diet made all the difference both in my racing and my everyday life, I grew to consider nutrition as an absolute priority in my life.

Pursuing a career in this field is my dream because I would love to see others have a realization similar to mine – that simple, wholesome foods promote a happy, healthy body. I enjoy spending my free time in the kitchen trying out recipes I’ve snagged from a cookbook or anywhere on the Web, and developing my own version of the foods I love. I lead a meat-free and mostly dairy-free lifestyle.

When I’m not cooking or thinking of food, I really enjoy: running, doing yoga, reading, drinking tea or coffee,  spending time with my loved ones, and visiting new and old places.

About this Blog: Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 3.49.44 PMMy passion for nutrition and writing inspired me to create a place to gather my thoughts and share the important ones. I have gained so much knowledge, and inspiration from food bloggers across the web, I realized how much I would love to be apart of such an incredible community.

I love food – but most importantly I love cooking and eating healthy, tasty, and beautiful food. On this blog you’ll find recipes I have created or found that I really enjoy, both for their taste and their nutritional value. These recipes will all be free of meat – because I’m vegetarian. You’ll also find little tidbits that will hopefully help you live a healthier life!

My main goal is to make a healthy lifestyle desirable, easy, and applicable to all walks of life. Feedback is always so appreciated!

My perfect logos were made for me by Josh Liebman – my sweet and always supportive boyfriend!


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