A Tasty Read

Have you ever started a book and immediately you’re swept away into its pages? It’s as if this is the book you’ve been looking for when you didn’t even know you were looking. And you’re so very invested in the story or the plot or the information provided that you can’t possibly put it down.

I’m reading a really fantastic book (featuring my coconut iced coffee).


Obviously, I find nutrition interesting. It’s my chosen field of study and I truly love to learn and grow in my knowledge of overall wellness. Naturally, I was expecting to like Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson, but for some reason I did not expect to feel so connected and inspired. I knew the book was a detailed explanation as to why vital nutrients have virtually disappeared from our food supply over time, and how we can work these back into our diets. The idea of eating naturally occurring, wholesome foods speaks to me very deeply.

However, I feel like this is the book about health and nutrition I have been searching for. I cannot stop reading it; it is absolutely incredible. Only 60 pages in and I feel as though I know tons more about food and it’s nutritional capacity than ever before.

The information I’m gathering is empowering. At any given moment I might strike up a conversation about lettuce or onions just so I can throw in all these wonderful facts I’ve learned and amaze people with the power of whole plant foods.

Not only is this book a wealth of nutritional knowledge that is practically a nutrition major’s dream, it is a collection of useful and essential information that any person could benefit from. If your goal is to be healthier – this book can do the job.

The readability and organization are so tastefully simple and direct, you don’t have to be seeking a degree in nutrition to understand her message – simply selecting more nutritious varieties of food can make loads of difference in your overall health.

I’ll definitely do a larger recap and review of the book once I finish it, which judging from my current progress, might be sooner than I imagined. So far, I highly recommend it.

What are you doing to educate yourself today?

Don’t ever stop learning – always crave more.


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