Store-Bought Snacks – Healthy & Convenient!

As much as I love whipping up a homemade, healthy, and delicious snack when I’m feeling a little peckish in-between meals, it isn’t always possible. Busy, jam-packed days call for easy options that won’t sacrifice nutrition. Thankfully, I’ve discovered plenty of products and brands I trust when my snack-attack just can’t wait!

Here they are in no particular order:


Kind Snacks – I’m a huge fan of all Kind has to offer. Their granola is top notch, their soft and chewy granola bars are just that – soft, chewy, and packed with flavor, and their nut and seed bars are satisfyingly crunchy. They always use natural and organic sweeteners as well as variety of whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Plus their motto is “Be kind to your body,” which I think is awesome in every way! What’s not to love?

dang logoDang Coconut Chips – Beware, these are addicting. Perfectly toasted while still maintaining their creamy quality, these coconut chips make a frequent appearance in my life. Coconut contains natural, healthy, plant-based fats to keep you full and focused.  I use them to top salads and smoothies as well as mixed with dried fruit and nuts for a quick trail mix! Plus, there’s different flavors – including a chocolate covered one. I know, it’s too much to handle.

larabar logo

Larabar – Too often snack bars are filled with artificial ingredients and fillers. Larabar takes minimal ingredients to a new level, they generally consist of dried fruit, nuts, and spices. That’s it! I can’t get enough of these: they’re delicious, they fill me up, and the ingredients are unbeatable. I highly recommend the Apple Pie and Chocolate Chip Cookie flavors!


Sabra Single Serving Hummus – I’m a huge hummus lover. I dip veggies and crackers into it, I spread it on sandwiches, plop it on salads and lick the spoon afterwards. These little hummus portions are such a lifesaver when I’m in a pinch. I’ve even used them as lunch when paired with crackers, veggies and fruit! This is a little more hummus than I usually serve to myself, so I don’t always eat the whole thing. I find if I eat half and cover the container, it stays well in the refrigerator for a few days!

mary's gone crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers – Wholesome, unprocessed crackers with a hardy, seedy taste. My favorite thing about these crackers is that they aren’t uniform in shape, some are larger, some are smaller, they aren’t perfectly circular but more like blobs. They taste delicious with dips like hummus, topped with a spread or little veggies or eaten alone. Both the Original and Superseed varieties are great. If you’re searching for a wholesome cracker you can feel good about, this is it!

trader joes logo

Trader Joe’s Fruit Sticks – If you’re looking for something quick and sweet, this is it! Out of all the snacks listed, these are definitely the lightest; they’re perfect for a quick pick-me-up when you aren’t looking to spoil a meal. These make me so happy because my younger siblings love them. I’ve finally got them to toss the artificial, color-dyed fruit roll-ups and reach for these instead! With ingredients like simple dried fruits and citric acid, how can you go wrong? Eating these makes me feel like a kid again!

Moral of the story: homemade healthy snacks are awesome, but store bought ones can be to! You just have to know what to look for! Hopefully this post helped you in some way, whether that be inspiration or an introduction to a new brand – happy snacking!


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