65 and Sunny – Mt. Tammany

Last weekend we finally got that gorgeous Spring weather I’ve been searching for. Clear blue skies dotted with fluffy, pure white clouds. A cool breeze accompanied a bright, warming sun making it a crime to stay indoors. I celebrated by taking a hike on a trail at the Delaware Water Gap. While it was only a 3 mile hike in total, the steep, and relentless incline made for both an awesome workout and spectacular view. The best part is coming down from the peak you use a different trail – so it isn’t simply up and down! 

                      IMG_3696    IMG_3698

I’m such a sucker for a good hike. Maybe it’s because I love being outdoors in general and exploring woodsy areas; I always have! Hiking is like casual exercise. I went with a few friends and we chatted a bit as we climbed upwards towards to top. We were able to appreciate the beauty of such an incredible view together and then journey back down the mountain. We shared laughs and challenged our bodies at the same time.


Now that it’s bearable to be outside for more than 10 minutes, I’m really looking forward to weekends spent adventuring!


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