It really is the simple things in life. Carrots are such an underrated vegetable. I’ve eaten them forever boiled plain or drizzled with honey, or just raw dipped in hummus, but recently I’ve been roasting them. So delicious.

They’re both easy to prepare and versatile when it comes to spices. This time I peeled four big carrots, chopped with up, gave them a few quick sprays of olive oil and tossed them with rosemary and thyme. 30 minutes later in a 400 degree oven and they’re ready to go. I can easily eat a whole tray of these. I’m probably part bunny though.


Carrots aren’t only delicious, they’re super nutritious too, and that is an awesome combination. They’re best known for being loaded with the carotenoid beta-carotene. Carotenoids are precursors for Vitamin A that are found in plant food! When you eat foods containing carotenoids, your body can convert them into the Vitamin A form if needed!

Vitamin A is great for: skin, teeth, eyesight and body tissues. It is essential in maintaining these parts of our bodies – so eat up!!

However, Vitamin A should never be taken in supplemental form without the direction and monitoring of a health professional – it is toxic in excess because it is a fat soluble vitamin. The cool part? Since plant foods contain carotenoids, which need to be converted into Vitamin A by our bodies choice, you can eat to your heart’s desire without worrying 🙂


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