I had a busy week filled with school, meetings, and work. So, it really didn’t occur to me until today that this week last year was my first full week vegetarian! It’s officially my Veg-a-versary! (Is that a thing?)

Last year I decided to try eating vegetarian, just for the fun of it. I’d dappled in it before and wanted to give it another go. I was having tons of stomach issues (later determined mostly due to dairy) and just felt lethargic and discouraged. I had never been a huge fan of meat to begin with, so it was relatively easy for me to quit it cold-turkey (haha).

When people ask me why I’m vegetarian the first thing I always say is how much better I feel without meat. Food fills me up but doesn’t make me feel heavy or stuffed. I know many people can’t imagine life without meat products, but I don’t miss it at all!

As a nutrition student I’m also aware of the health benefits of vegetarianism that are an added bonus in my eyes. Lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are always a good thing. I truly believe my body is running efficiently and loving all the wonderful plant foods I feed it.

I’ve also become passionate about the food industry of the United States, and how corrupt and disappointing it is. The amount of stress and neglect many animals suffer from before they are slaughtered is unhealthy. Aside from these emotional abuses, there’s also the GMO foods they are fed and the antibiotics they are given in large amounts. Obviously this is not true 100% of time, but unfortunately it is widespread.

Of course everyone has their own opinion about consuming meat. That’s fine. You’re all welcome here. I’m a huge fan of “Meatless Mondays” for my meat-eating friends. Incorporate one of the meals I post into your daily lifestyle just because they’re yummy! Or add meat to your preference. I’m always altering recipes to better fit my taste.

Any how…here’s how I finally celebrated my Veg-aversary: COOKIES!!

Not just any cookies. No way. These are definitely a delicious treat, but they’re still lighter than a traditional chocolate chipper. They can be made with a variety of flours, low in sugar, coconut oil (or another veggie oil) replaces butter, and there’s no egg!

That’s right, these are vegan chocolate chip cookies! They’re also approved by the cookie connoisseurs, my boyfriend (hi Josh!) and mom. I assure you these are tough critics and while they both would probably always choose the more traditional option, they agreed that these tasted great.

I got the recipe here:

Katie has loads of awesome recipes and these cookies are no exception! They’re my go-to chocolate chip cookie at the moment.

IMG_3353I highly recommend eating them with a cold glass of almond milk. And let’s be honest – I obviously did not eat only two..

Plus if you make your cookies like I make mind…you put way more chocolate chips than the recipe calls for. If there isn’t chocolate in every bite, you’ve done something very wrong.

IMG_3351       IMG_3355I

I used a mixture of big dark chocolate chips and mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. I also used whole wheat flour (I’ve also used spelt – worked well too), and it worked perfectly. My batch made 16 cookies. I promise they won’t last long. I have doubled this recipe in the past and it works just as well!

Even if you have nothing to celebrate – there’s always a reason for cookies!!




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