Nutritional Touchdown!

Last Sunday was a day well-known in American culture to be filled with a spread of great snacks begging to be overindulged in. Pizza, buffalo wings, chili, salsa, chips, and every imaginable kind of layer dip – doesn’t that sound delicious? Tasty maybe, but unfortunately many of these foods won’t do much for you health-wise. In fact, you’ll probably wake up with a snack food hangover and question your judgement from the night before. Don’t worry – it happens to the best of us. While it’s definitely alright to enjoy the day and indulge in a few less than healthy treats, wouldn’t it be awesome to incorporate healthy options into the festivities?

In case you haven’t realized by now, I’m talking about Super Bowl Sunday here. Basically a day of sitting around and excitedly watching a football game (or pretending to be interested) and snacking endlessly. Even though no one in my family is a true die-heart football fan, we still all watch the game together amidst a not-too-shabby spread of, what my mom calls “picking food.”

This year I decided to contribute a few dishes of my own to the party in addition to the always-present veggie platter. I made buffalo cauliflower wings and honey wheat pizza two ways!

IMG_3277                               IMG_3279

Both of these recipes were easy to make and delicious! I’ve linked each picture to the sites where I found the recipe – I can’t take credit for these!

The buffalo cauliflower wings were a great option for me, being vegetarian, and while my mom still made chicken wings, everyone gave my cauliflower a try too! Having almost no experience cooking with or using buffalo sauce I made the mistake of blindly grabbing a bottle that looked good and claimed to be “original” flavor. As a result, my cauliflower wings were REALLY spicy! I recommend doing your research beforehand so you end up with just the right about of spice, hehe. Even though I needed a glass of water in hand to enjoy them, they really were delicious! I can’t promise they’ll taste like chicken (because they’re not) but the combination of the crunchy yet tender roasted cauliflower and classic buffalo sauce makes them a great alternative!

Now onto the pizzas. This pizza is seriously…scrumptious. You’ll understand after you give it a try. It isn’t easy replacing white flour with whole wheat in a dish like pizza. Everyone wants that perfectly doughy-yet-crispy crust, and they certainly don’t want it to taste dry, stiff, or grainy. This pizza was a hit with every single one of my family members (7 of us, 9 including my grandmothers who joined). The recipe easily makes two pizzas, so I made one topped with mozzarella cheese and one with roasted vegetables (onions, zucchini, eggplant, and mushrooms). I used a store bought organic pizza sauce (Muir Glen Organic) as well. I can’t believe how easy it was to make this dough! You need to make the time, as the dough needs to rest for a bit, but it is more than worth it!

I hope you check out these recipes, they’re great for any gathering! I’ll be making that pizza again soon for sure.


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